The Picture of Professionalism

by Esther Elizabeth Suson For the past couple of weeks, I've been ensuring I wake up and work by heading to a Starbucks in Ortigas. The Starbucks opens at 7am, which makes it a perfect place for a slacker freelance writer to make sure she finishes her hours for the week. Lately, I've been arriving … Continue reading The Picture of Professionalism


[Sketch] The Secret of Dignity

by Esther Elizabeth Suson While walking on one of those wide sidewalks parallel to High Street, I noticed two men walking side-by-side in front of me. One was skinnier, bony, older, and his arm was slung over the other's shoulder. The other was larger, better-padded, younger, and his arm was supporting the older around the … Continue reading [Sketch] The Secret of Dignity

Phantom Drumbeats

by Esther Elizabeth Suson As our fx passed over the bridge going to the Tramo stop (moving away from Antipolo), the world was bright with ten-in-the-morning full-glare sun. It threw every point of the outside into blazing clarity, like a picture springing into high definition. I was glancing out the left-hand window from the middle-seat, watching … Continue reading Phantom Drumbeats