Sixth Day of Silence

I silenced Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Instagram, YouTube. Books, movies, television series. Not too consciously - I'd decided I wanted to hear God's voice clearer, and that decision just seemed to follow. The first thing I discovered was how noisy my head really was. Because of all the stimuli I'd been feeding it, my brain was … Continue reading Sixth Day of Silence


Of Trees, Sunlight, and Shadowplay

Yesterday, I opted to drift off in the car instead of taking my daily walk to McDonald's Kidzania for coffee, reading, and free-writing. When we woke up around seven, I went with Mom and twin Ruth to the office caf and sat apart so I could read and write as usual. However, at work, I … Continue reading Of Trees, Sunlight, and Shadowplay



by Esther Elizabeth Suson I am noisiest on Twitter, but not usually to the point where the Tweets choke my followers with the showing-off (this is me speaking. My followers might have another perspective. They most probably do). But I should have known something was off when I started Tweeting about VIXX on a regular … Continue reading Insecurity.


Why We Do Not Write

by Esther Elizabeth Suson My readers will (I frankly hope) notice I have not been writing much recently. This is my apology-of-sorts, and also a reflection. To begin with, just writing under this title amuses me because I have an earlier blog called "Why We Write." It was about my recognition of the fact that … Continue reading Why We Do Not Write