5 Thoughts on Victor Frankenstein (2015) [Movie Review]

by Esther Elizabeth Suson [GENERAL SPOILER ALERT] When Victor Frankenstein (2015) came out, my best friend and I took notice at once. We had both just finished the novel in the last month or so, and the movie did come highly recommended (thank you Summer!). Image Source Victor Frankenstein is, on the whole, a beautifully made, … Continue reading 5 Thoughts on Victor Frankenstein (2015) [Movie Review]


10 Books I Re-read Regularly

by Esther Elizabeth Suson I was challenged by Frankie, and even though I have quite a blog backlog, I did this one first because I thrilled to the idea. My criteria: books that I can read in any mood, at any time, and still enjoy like it's the first time. Okay honestly, I've been drafting … Continue reading 10 Books I Re-read Regularly

Dracula Book Cover

Dracula is Not a Hipster Arsenal, and Neither is the Bible

by Esther Elizabeth Suson What is the worst thing we could do to Dracula? Not quoting it without reading, but reading it and missing the point. We fixate, instead, on the intimacy of blood-drinking, or the sadism of compulsion. Fixation. That is the bane of both Dracula- and Bible-readers. Where does the problem come in? How does … Continue reading Dracula is Not a Hipster Arsenal, and Neither is the Bible