When God Takes Over

by Esther Elizabeth Suson (A poem I wrote on June 20, 2009.) If I had a mission in life It would be To stand in the middle of strife It would be To restore the blessedness of tears It would be To love in moments of fear. * If I had a vision in life … Continue reading When God Takes Over



by Esther Elizabeth Suson I am noisiest on Twitter, but not usually to the point where the Tweets choke my followers with the showing-off (this is me speaking. My followers might have another perspective. They most probably do). But I should have known something was off when I started Tweeting about VIXX on a regular … Continue reading Insecurity.


Why We Do Not Write

by Esther Elizabeth Suson My readers will (I frankly hope) notice I have not been writing much recently. This is my apology-of-sorts, and also a reflection. To begin with, just writing under this title amuses me because I have an earlier blog called "Why We Write." It was about my recognition of the fact that … Continue reading Why We Do Not Write