Of Trees, Sunlight, and Shadowplay

Yesterday, I opted to drift off in the car instead of taking my daily walk to McDonald’s Kidzania for coffee, reading, and free-writing. When we woke up around seven, I went with Mom and twin Ruth to the office caf and sat apart so I could read and write as usual. However, at work, I felt sluggish and mildly upset all morning.

The moment I stepped out with a friend to do a bank errand at lunch, I realized what it was. More than just the coffee and time with a book and notebook and pen, I needed the sun coming up, causing the trees to cast fragmented shadows on the streets. I needed the fresh air of the early morning, and the joggers and construction workers parting around me as they went their ways down the sidewalk.

Today, out of gratitude to the walk, I will take you on a photo journey there and back again.

01_DI_approaching the corner

Coming out of the office gate, we approach a corner. Oh no what’s that piece of trash I didn’t pick it up

02_DI_turning the corner

A closer view of the corner. You can already see green and sunlight. We’re about to cross the pedestrian lane, where those joggers are.

03_DI_sunrise on the buildings

We’ve crossed the pedestrian lane, and turned left. The building with the blue stripe is STI. In the distance, the early morning sun hits the apex of two buildings.

04_DI_sunrise over the sidestreet

We turn right at STI, onto a small side road. The sun, still rising, is still so angled it barely hits the street. Straight down that road is Uptown Mall, but we turn before that.

05_DI_ducking under Kidzania

This time we turn left at Kidzania. Landmark: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

(So the next picture was supposed to be the hallway that appears when you turn right after Coffee Bean to show where McDonald’s is. However, as I positioned the shot, I noticed Circle K was closed and was in a momentary state of shock, since part of my daily routine is to get Swiss Miss for my coffee. In that momentary state of shock, I completely forgot about the photo-journaling until I was on my way back to work. Apologies. What follows is already my trip back.)

06_DI_emerging into the full morning light

The sun has risen, and you can see the tree-shadows dappling the concrete and asphalt. There are much more people on the sidewalk, and many more cars on the road.

07_DI_sunlight through the trees

The street just after we cross it. It’s a clearer view of the play of light and shadow.

08_DI_sun on market market

The sun lighting up one side of Market BGC. Also a very nice shot of a person walking.

09_DI_first glimpse of Every Nation

Our first sight of the Every Nation logo as we turn the corner. With sunlight, trees, and shadowplay in my head, I am more than ready for a full day of work.

11_DI_almost there and just about ready

The final crossing to Every Nation, my desk, my friends, and my work and ministry.

That’s my daily dose (sometimes it has rain, sometimes extreme humidity) of the outside world. Thank you for taking the journey with me!

Esther Elizabeth Suson




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