The First Wedding and the Fifth Commandment

by Esther Elizabeth Suson

Weddings are fun things, especially when you are younger. You get to dress up and put on make-up, just like Mom. You get to pretend to be a grown-up. You get to toss flower petals or hold a bouquet. You get to eat and eat well – any Filipino wedding is practically the Promised Land.

Wedding_planThis is different, I told myself when I got the invitation. She is the first of our college circle to get married. Joyfully we chose dresses we could barely breathe in, heels that would strain our ankles. We brushed on ten layers of make-up and fell in love with ourselves in the mirror. The romance of this celebration demanded no less.

Yet, as we were waiting for the bride and her grand entrance, I couldn’t believe it. She is the first of our circle to get married. It was more than just delight, or shock; this wedding would set a standard for all of ours. 

white-rings-decoration-macroThe bride was one-fourth down the aisle, on her father’s arm, when I turned to look at the groom. I wanted to see his face as he watched her walk down the red carpet.

Instead, I caught the groom kissing his mother, who was beside him, and then his father. As the bride and her father arrived at the end of the aisle, the groom crossed in front of them to kiss his bride’s mother and younger sister. He then shook the bride’s father’s hand, while the bride went to kiss the groom’s younger brother, mother, and father.

wedding-322034_960_720Then, and only then, did the bride take the groom’s arm. Then, and only then, did they step towards the altar together.

That moment, out of the whole wedding and reception, burned into my memory. Flaring passions of the love-at-first-sight, what-about-what-I-want kind can never compare to a romance where, despite being made one in marriage, the bride and groom do not forget to honor their parents and include them in the relationship.

pexels-photo-71297This is different. This is not only the first wedding of my college circle, it is the wedding we can all aspire to. Not the grandness of it, but in the fact that it was deeply grounded, deeply rooted, deeply honoring of relationships rightly requiring honor.

We could not have asked for a better start.

Congratulations and God bless you!


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