[Snapshot] If It Was Anything But A Bicycle

by Esther Elizabeth Suson

If he’d had a car, I can imagine he would drive her to work. If he’d had cash for a taxi, I can imagine him dropping her off at her workplace and then dashing off to his. If he’d had anything but a bicycle, I can see him bringing her as close to her workplace as he could manage it, just so they could travel together.


Image Source

But he didn’t. As our own tank (green pickup) navigated the streets by Pasig river, I saw him and her holding hands and walking towards the highway. He was holding her hand with his left, and wheeling a bicycle with his right. They were obviously walking leisurely, obviously talking leisurely.

As far as I could see, he was walking her to her commute stop, or maybe even walking her to work. What I loved about the picture was that he had the bicycle and could have saved himself the trouble of wheeling it by saying goodbye at the house. Or, he could have dropped her off at her stop with the bicycle.


Image Source

He didn’t, though. In a time when catching that ride is sometimes the most crucial part of an employee’s day, I can’t imagine how early they started, waking up and having breakfast (if they even did) just to have enough time to walk each other out and talk, hand in hand.


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