Notebooks and New Year

by Esther Elizabeth Suson

Writing is my primary medium of expression and communication. Just being around notebooks makes me happy – the feel of them, the smell of them, the sight of them. Thinking of everything that is written, or will be.

This year, when I discovered that Starbucks and Moleskine were teaming up for the 2016 planner, I decide to devote time and funds to getting my first Moleskine anything. (Like a true notebook-maniac, I place Moleskine among the must-haves).

The Bloofer Lady (my best friend) got me started, buying Starbucks coffee get me the sticker card. Mom and my Ramblemate (twin) helped out as well. The week before Christmas, I completed the sticker-card and picked up the planner.

Starbucks 2016 Planner Moleskine

On Christmas Eve, during the noche buena, Ru gave me a vintage-style notebook which will be my next diary, and Deb gave me a hand-decorated notebook of my two favorite Deb-created characters, Flame and Hawthorn (especially Hawthorn – he’s my bae).

Ru Vintage

Vintage is cool

Deb Hawthorn and Flame

Hawthorn is on the right and he’s my bae

Two days later, on the 27th, Frankie gave me her Christmas gifts: a bracelet with a clock charm and two mini-notebooks, one lined and one blank – Moleskine. That same night, a client and friend sent over a paper bag of 8 Moleskine notebooks, different sorts and sizes.

Frankie Moleskine


In 2014, I had given at least 5 notebooks as gifts and received almost twice that many in return.


3 of the many

In 2016, I gave none and received 10. Last Christmas, I had deliberately sowed notebooks and duly reaped them. This Christmas, God outgave me 1000%. There is no better ending to 2015, and no better promise for 2016.

I cannot even begin to pretend to think that this blessing, or any of last year’s blessings, were because I was a good little Christian. In fact, the best (and worst) way I can describe who I was to God in 2015 is that I was a daughter. Not the loving, dutiful kind either.

I was the kind of daughter who forgets her Dad exists except when she needs (read: wants) something, and even then refuses to ask because she might be bothering Him. As my Too Small to Pray For blogs attest, He’s been growing me out of that mindset all year.

This last year-end gift was His awesome re-re-re-reminder that

  1. should ask my Heavenly Father for the desires of my heart (which He knows better than I), since He knows how to give good gifts to His children (Psalm 37:4; Matthew 7:11).
  2. He will outgive me at every turn: my part is to trust and obey.

Happy 2016, DI Readers!

Family Photo


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