Poise Under Rain

In the fx on the way to UAP, we were passing the Rosario parish when I saw a woman waiting outside for a ride. It was sprinkling that wee bit harder than a drizzle that Filipinos don’t even put umbrellas up for.

She caught my eye because of the way she was standing – like she was poised for a cue, completely upright, chin level, arms held slightly away from her body and hands bent upwards at the wrist. It was a pose I would look for in a painting of a girl in a dance.

I kept on watching, confused, wondering why she would keep such a pose in the street, under the rain. Finally, I noticed the clear file envelope balanced on her head. What on earth is she practicing for? I wondered.

After a moment, I realized that she had placed the envelope on her head to keep off the rain, and had simply become too tired to hold it up. Realization aside, she seemed nearly a window manikin, caught out of time and space.


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