Too Small to Pray For?

by Esther Elizabeth Suson

For quite a while, I wanted a new, sleek, carry-around backpack that didn’t make me look like I’d just come from (or like I was going) mountain-climbing. I couldn’t even pretend it didn’t, because the Sagacious Marshal and R told me that it did – on two separate unprompted occasions.

When I got a work laptop, the free bag was, surprise surprise, a sleek gray laptop backpack. It felt like a cuddle from God – I know what you want, He reminded me. Even the little things you’d rather not pray for because they’re so petty.

Not like I remember I can pray for all those small things, because my default mindset is that it’s way, way too infinitesimal to bother the Creator about. But when I do remember, I just pray it right out, no guilt or shyness involved. He doesn’t think anything I want is too small to pray for.

[I have another blog of exactly the same name, and these kinds of stories will always be published under the same name.]


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