BGC Earthquake Drill - far

BGC Earthquake Drill: Prayer Before Panic

by Esther Elizabeth Suson

On the day of the BGC earthquake drill (July 23, 2015), I was walking along High Street early in the day, more than half-an-hour before the drill’s start at nine.

As I reached the end – the one with the movie-house and the fountain – I heard a voice over speakers, chanting or singing. It sounds like a mass, I thought.

Later I saw them – groups of Red Cross, firefighter, police, and military personnel all gathered in the open space beyond the fountain, celebrating Mass at 8:21 am. Caught, I paused and watched ass the priest took the mic and prayed over the drill, for its success, for blessing, and for safety.

BGC Earthquake Drill 1BGC Earthquake Drill 2

My heart swelled within me. At 9 am, they would all disperse for the BGC earthquake drill, and be met with hysteria or worse, apathy. But they remembered to pray first.


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