Snapshots of June: Mentors

Heads exchanging gears


One night, I was commuting home from training. I happened to be on the rightmost side of the middle-seat of the fx, which means there was less aircon but hurrah the view!

As I leant my head back and looked out, half-drowsing, I noticed a perfectly-framed-and-directed scene. It was in front of the Linden Suites, a hotel along that road. The front was bathed in golden-yellow light, perfect for a night-setting.

Sitting on the ledge of a fountain fronting the hotel were two men. One was much younger, tall and long-limbed, in a simple black t-shirt and jeans. He was obviously speaking from the emotions, as his expressive arms and earnest forward-leaning showed.

The other was much older, gray-haired and balding, in a dark striped collared shirt. His chin was resting in one hand in proper mentor-fashion. As the fx passed them, I saw the young man fall silent and the older man open his mouth to speak.


While walking to small group in SM Aura, I passed by the fountain-courtyard of Market!Market!. As I wove my way through the taxi stand line, I stepped to the side and stopped to let a running person pass.

As he passed me, I wondered why he was running in such an odd fashion – in that half-jog, pseudo-run that means you’re pretending but don’t really mean to go at full speed. And then, hot on his heels, I saw a little boy going at his own full speed, chasing his dad down the sidewalk. Behind them, rounding the corner, whizzed the mother, a towel over her shoulder, a smile on her lips as she watched her two boys running ahead of her.


Walking back to the Every Nation building after small group, I took the same route, crossing the fountain-courtyard of Market!Market!. As I glanced to the side, towards the courtyard, I saw a mother and her small son strolling, with a single set of earphones between them.

The scene takes its place with my favorite shared-earphone picture in my head, of two workmen drowsing in a jeep, sharing a single set.


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