Framed and Stuck in a Box: Jeep-regular in an Fx

by Esther Suson

[I have an earlier post, Framed and Stuck in a Box, which talks about how I save actual scenes that I see for possible story scenarios. Therefore instead of simply Snapshots, these are ideas that appeal to me for stories.]

A man is sitting across from me at the back of the fx. His hands are thick with muscle, the veins standing out from them. His forearms are large, meaty but not soft, showing firm beneath his skin. He is only in an off-white t-shirt, worn thin and nearly transparent through multiple washings, with the neck garter stretched and wavy. His shorts are faded and near-fraying red plaid, and a pair of blue flip-flops complete the picture. However, a watch and a cap proclaim that he is, in fact, attired for travelling.

Instead of asking the driver how much it was to his destination, he asks the passenger beside him, a woman with a baby, who cannot answer. Still he does not ask the driver. In addition, he holds on to the overhead bar like he was in a jeepney – fx-regulars find it easy to balance on the rough or cloth-covered fx seats, while jeep-regulars would expect to be slipping and sliding on plastic. Obviously doesn’t ride fxs much, which could be (unfortunately) derived from his clothing. Fx fares, often twice jeep fares and half as much of bus fares, put fx-regulars in the lower middle class.

An interesting portrait that could be used to describe people who don’t quite fit in with their surroundings, yet attempt to blend in. Framed and stuck in a box.


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