Snapshots of May: Little Things

by Esther Suson

[Things I see, grouped together, though not necessarily seen on the same day]


Passing the guardhouse to the subdivision, the off-duty guard was drowsing in a chair with his back to the entrance. As he jerked awake, running a hand through his hair, a sudden kitten-squall sounded at his feet. A little orange head with a wide open mouth appeared from behind his toes, either protesting being woken or demanding food now that Mother was awake.


At KFC,  a woman sat facing the counters with her back to the door. She was maybe in her late thirties or early forties, running to plumpness in limbs and face, dressed in a black blouse. Her hand was on her chin as if she needed the propping up, and her eyes had that sag that toes more with weariness than lack of sleep.

A man, rather tall but also running to late-thirties-early-forties stockiness, entered KFC. He was in a collared shirt of sky blue, and wore square gold-rimmed glasses. His eyes zeroed in on the woman in black, and then a grin of pure mischief lit up his face. He walked forward to her, and covered her eyes with both hands. She half-turned and smiled up at him, all the weariness in her face disappearing.


In the SM Megamall Department Store, two employees, male and female, clasped hands and released as they passed one another, heading in opposite directions. Their eyes did not meet, they did not turn their heads. It was a gesture as simple and natural as a beso.


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