[Diary Entry] Weapons in Washrooms

IMG_20150222_131429 IMG_20150222_131605

by Esther Suson

Every working (read: has door) cubicle of the female washrooms in the PAJA of the PSC has one of these. The first time you see one, you figure oh, they didn’t have any place to put the trash. The second time, you figure oh, coincidence. By the third and fourth times, you realize that they were deliberately placed there. For what reason? And why so strategically placed so that they can be easily grabbed, not beside the toilets where they would take up less space?

And then you figure it out.

Weapons. Each cubicle in the female washrooms comes with a readily accessible weapon. Each weapon is of the perfect width to hold and swing, especially for the smaller hands of girls. Each is of a weight that could do some damage: those in the pictures are wood and metal. Each is of the ideal length for a thrust or a strike either upwards or downwards. Brilliant.


What are you thinking?

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