Re-Balancing the World

by Esther Suson

Re-balancing the world is a skill that few have. Firstly, it requires constant awareness of the world, and secondly, it requires an instinct for how to re-balance it.

On 06 February 2015, my twin and I were eating at KFC with our little sister’s youth group. Someone was treating every youth group table (there were, what, at most ten of those) to a bucket of chicken plus rice etc., because it was her birthday. Since that doesn’t happen every week, a couple of male friends who were not youth group members happened to be sitting at our table, to eat with us. Of course, when the free food was announced, they became self-conscious. The birthday girl herself, though, insisted that they stay, so they had no ‘out’ without being rude.

A number of people in that same position would probably be grateful and then shut up – pride out of the question, it’s really hard to be treated by people you don’t know when they meant to treat, well, not you. But one of them instantly took action. After thanking the birthday girl, he got up and helped serve the entire table. There were nine of us at the table, including him, and he served all of us. He handed over the drinks, two by two – distributed the plates, the utensils, the mashed potatoes, and finally set down the bucket of chicken. Then and only then did he sit down, when everyone had been served.

I watched, amazed and fully impressed. That these guests had been included was not a problem at all – the problem would be if they had been allowed to leave, in my eyes. But I admired how that one guest so graciously accepted the favor, and made certain that, Lannister-like, their debt was paid in full through service. It was an instinctive, delicate motion, not overly-subservient, but with complete humility, and it just blew me away.

Like quite a few of my other blogs, this is a shout-out to him. There are so many actions on earth that get missed because they were not noticed. I don’t want this to be one of them.


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