[Extremely random quotes from the Myron BOLIVAR series by Harlan COBEN. What fun is taking them down if I can’t share them?]

“Peter brought them a rich chocolate dessert – the kind of dessert you could gain weight just looking at.”

Win: If we were the same it wouldn’t work. We’d both be dead by now. Or insane. We balance each other. It’s why you’re my best friend. It’s why I love you.

“Win, on the other hand, carried at least two guns and one bladed instrument at all times. Third World countries should be as well armed as Win.”

“There was grass, lots of it, all the blades kept at a consistently ideal length, like a politician’s hair in an election year.”

“Win, on the other hand, always carried a gun – at least two, actually, not to mention a potpourri of concealed weaponry. The man was like a walking Israel.”

“Herman ACHE, the older brother, was the leader, a man responsible for enough suffering to make a Third World dictator envious.”

“He crept in silently, as if waiting for permission to exist.”

“[Win’s] blond hair was parted by the gods […].”

“It was the most purely physical smile Myron had ever seen, a by-product strictly of the brain giving specific orders to certain muscles. It touched no part of him but his lips.”

‘ “There are holes,” Myron admitted.
“There are chasms of leviathan proportions,” Win corrected.’

[I am greatly enjoying the wordplay of this author. In a world where a number of mystery/thriller novels tend to either sound like research papers or to skim very shallowly over the characters, Harlan COBEN is a charming anomaly.]


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