The Evolution of a Nickname

Our first common nickname for one another was senpai. She was my senpai in the Jitsu-yo Bugei Aikido Club, and I hers in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu. It made for confusion in others because we were both calling each other ‘older student’, which was what we wanted. It may have been our first private joke!

The next common nickname that we had was, I am pretty certain, ‘worst friend’. I don’t quite remember if there was a specific incident to inspire such a nickname. It was more like mutual realization that the other was the worst friend one could have, bar none.

For example: apparently, her dormmates asked her why she was so terribly mean to me. Funny, I thought her never-ending insults were just her being normal.

For example: apparently, she’s non-confrontational. I swear I had no idea.

Our latest common nickname is not the final one, I hope, but it is the defining one.

Merry Christmas, Best Friend.


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