“Oh, R.”

I have been disowned by this child so many times. For k-pop, k-drama, I forget the rest. Ah, harmonizing with ‘What Does the Fox Say’ on one of our Krispy Kreme study dates. I’m sure there’s more that I don’t remember.

I find this particularly amusing because our nicknames for one another are N and R, for Enjolras and Grantaire. I happen to be Enjolras. A more romantic spin sometimes used is Apollo and Icarus. I’m Apollo.

Marble? Please. Her most common admonishments to me are “calm yourself” and “I’m already over it”. As for being the stately sun-god and head of the Nine Muses, forget it. I play not a single instrument and would probably panic and freeze the world if I saw Icarus coming too close, thereby causing the next Ice Age and restarting everything the human race calls progress.

As an Emotive Judgmental with a systemic way of ordering my world and a perceptive response to others’ emotions, I am completely opposite from her Emotive Rational with a visual way of ordering her world and disassociated response to others’ emotions. Not an insult! An expression of wonder.

We’ve had our disagreements and misunderstandings since we met, but since we just yelp at each other when lines are crossed, we troubleshoot them well!

It’s been four? years since we hung on for dear life to one another’s hands in the cinema, watching Brave, but I don’t remember what life was like without you, like we’d been friends all our lives but only then met. Merry Christmas, R.


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