Sketch in Starbucks

22 December 2014 Monday

There’s a young man in line for Starbucks in the corner. His polo is a shade away from navy blue, his pants are a dark olive green. His hair is thin but nowhere near balding, just a bit longer than cropped, and it’s styled and gelled in upturning waves. A silver watch is on his left wrist, an employee’s ID around his neck. His sleeves are rolled to his elbows.

He caught my eye as he was leaning against the wall, in the corner. Not bored, definitely tired, and yet attentive to the world, not spaced out. Even now, as he is standing, he is focused, his gaze not wandering. He stands mostly straight and still, although his patience is wearing – he fiddles with his phone as he stands. Despite features that would be lost in a crowd, his manner would mark him out in a multitude. His lips are dented at the corners, making them expressive, and as well suited to laughing as to sternness..


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