I Do Say So Myself

I’m a pretty smart girl, if I do say so myself.

And because I do say so myself, I must needs gather around me friends who don’t give a marshmallow for what I do say so myself.

One friend, Song (she calls me Star), has no qualms whatsoever about laughing her head off whenever I do anything particularly idiotic. She also brings it all up in future conversations. As the interaction is mutual, we are fairly even.

Another, R (she calls me N), does think that I have some points in my favour, particularly when it comes to research on the World Wide Web. I seem to be able to find needed articles and data with relative ease. Therefore, she nicknamed me ‘Google’. However, whenever I fall far short of my prestigious search-engine domain, she downgrades me to ‘Bing’. Also, it is not uncommon for us to exchange the exclamation of concern: “you idiot!”

My worst friend has many nicknames, but the relevant one here is Mycroft HOLMES. Myc, I shorten it to. In the current BBC series ‘Sherlock’, Season Three, Episode One, Mycroft tells his little brother Sherlock that he (Mycroft) is so smart that he’s “living in a world of goldfish.” And that is what I happen to be. My worst friend’s pet particular goldfish. And unfortunately, since I hate her most out of all people, I get called a goldfish at least once every time I see her. Or Skype with her. Or chat with her. Or text her.

I’m a pretty smart girl, if I say so myself. But thanks to them, I’m a wee bit less insufferable than I otherwise would have been.


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