Haddix Update

After I, ahem, bullishly and mulishly held my tongue after being told I couldn’t keep the wee kittening, apparently all the other members of my family (Dad, twin, little sister) lobbied to Mom for me to keep him. This morning, Mom came into my room, cuddled Haddix, and said I could keep him. So Haddix has a new mother!

Haddix is afraid of heights – wildly so, he sounds terrified when we lift him anywhere. He loves the blue ball of yarn that I gave him and thinks my stuffed bear can give him milk. When I tell him not to go somewhere, he runs for it like a streak of lightning. He likes to play, loves to cuddle. But sometimes he has these fits of insecurity where he’ll just sit down in the middle of nowhere and cry, so I pick him up and he goes to sleep in my lap. That’s where he is now, after one such scene. Welcome to the family, Diximus!


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