I have a new kitten (bullishly) at least for today (mulishly) and its name is Haddix! Yes, this is the wee kitten that I mentioned in that other post of mine, When I Grow Up, that gave me such an existential crisis of sorts. When I woke up this morning, my twin had texted that it was on its way up. So, bullishly and mulishly, I decided to go and adopt it. For today, that is. But make no mistake, I’m pretty sure it’s part of the kind of person I want to be When I Grow Up.

I named it Haddix mostly because the kitten we had before this one was called Found – my name, as well. Since Found is the first book of a series called The Missing by Margaret Petersen Haddix, instead of calling this new little one ‘Saved’, I decided to bypass all the rest of those kinds of names and call it Haddix. But since I bypassed all those names, I told my twin that every kitten hereafter would probably be called Haddix.


What are you thinking?

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